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Arab News

Arab News

Ministry: More than 3.8 million Umrah visas issued so far

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Why Do Business in Saudi Arabia?   

Although parts of the Middle East and North Africa have seen political turmoil since the start of 2011, Saudi Arabia has remained stable and investors still view it as an attractive place to do business. 

The Saudi Riyal is one of the world's most stable currencies and there have been no significant changes in its exchange value during the last three decades.    

Key reasons for investing in the Kingdom: 

1.   It is one of the world's 25 largest economies and the largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa Region - MENA.

2.   The Kingdom is one of the world's fastest growing countries worldwide, with per-capita income forecast to rise from USD  $25,000 in 2012 to USD $33,500 by 2020.  

3.   It has substantial cost advantages due to the low domestic cost of energy and industrial land due to generous subsidies and incentives. 

4.   It provides duty free access to other GCC and MENA economies and enjoys good transport

  Start your own business at   Madina Munawwara (A city that never sleeps) 

Despite the slump in the business, all over the world, It sees as many as 20 Million* Pilgrims a year. Customer's walk in, is increasing every year. Customers who come to visit Madina Mosque shop for Souvenir.

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